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Too Busy to Exercise? Create a Family Challenge and Get Moving!

Busy. Active. Frenzied. Rushed. Scheduled. Hectic.

Do any of these sound like your family? As a result of longer commutes, a rise in two-parent working families and the demands of individual schedules, families have limited time to spend together. And when they do have time together, much of the “leisure” time as a family consists of shared space in front of a screen—cinema, television, or individual phones, tablets or computers.

While we can’t always deny the call of the couch, especially at the end of a busy multi-tasking day, maybe we can rise to a family health challenge. The lure of social media can’t be denied. Just ask #trashtag. Ask your kids to help you pick up trash at the corner lot and you may receive a noncommittal shrug. Ask your kids to help you post before and after #trashtag pics and you may have found a viral motivator.

Instead of lecturing your family on the benefits of an active lifestyle and the mental and physical perks of moving around—choose a family challenge that’s guaranteed to get your family moving. And it just might be fun.

Find an activity that fits your family’s lifestyle and energy level. Challenge your family, challenge other families, share your results online. See if you can make your family challenge go viral.

Here are a few starter ideas—but don’t stop here—be creative and get moving!


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