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How Parents with Diabetes Can Make Their Wellness a Family Priority  

For many of us, diabetes is a family affair. Especially when a parent has diabetes, managing the disease with physical activity and healthy food choices can impact every member of the family. This World Diabetes Day, we’re thinking about this as an opportunity to explore the ways diabetes can actually help the entire family get healthy. What do you do when your kids want pizza but you know your blood sugar has been high today? Or when you need to burn some energy but you can’t get your kids to get off the couch and go to the park with you? As a parent managing diabetes, you have an opportunity to model positive choices that can...

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What is a diabetes emergency

You never know how you are going to respond to a crisis until it happens. That’s why kids practice in schools with drills for fire, earthquake, tornado, and other emergency situations. So they are prepared when something happens. But what happens when the crisis is something you would never think to plan for, like accidentally using the wrong insulin pen and injecting way too much insulin? What would you do? That happened to Carol when she was away from home, and like most of us with diabetes, she tried to handle it on her own. Eventually, she knew it was time to get help.  Stories like this make me think that is exactly...

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